Tips for a Safe Job Search—How to Protect Yourself from FRAUD
When looking for work in Canada or any other country, it is vital to be aware that there are scam artists out there who are looking to take advantage of you. Nearly all employers who get in touch with you are genuine; however, there are some dishonest people who will pose as potential employers, but who are really just trying to make money off you illegally. We at take this very seriously, and we want to ensure that all caregivers protect themselves.

If something seems suspicious, if someone asks you to send them money, or just if something sounds too good to be true, then we ask that you report these incidents to us.

Scam artists are extremely good at what they do. Their scams can be elaborate and involve numerous people posing as travel agents, professors, parents, or other reputable people or organizations.
Keep a clear head and don't fall victim to a scam artist!

Examples of scams:

1. The scam looks and feels genuine, right up until the end
A person posing as a potential employer will send you a check for, say $3600.
Your bank will receive a certified bank check. They will accept it and deposit the money into your account. As it is a certified bank check, the proceeds are available immediately. Your job is to keep the $600 and send the $3,000 to another place, supposedly to pay for some service for them. Or alternatively they send you check for $3600 towards your future salary and ask you to return the money immediately by Western union or Money Gram because they decide not to hire you.
So, in the first case you send the $3,000, thinking you have earned $600 for doing nothing, but several days later, your bank tells you the original bank check was a fake. Now you owe the bank $3,000 and there is no way to trace or recover the money you sent by Money Gram or Western Union.

2. The Work Visa / Airline Ticket Scam
A person who is posing as part of a host family contacts you, and offers you a great job in Canada or in the U.K. He sends you family photographs of his children, including a telephone number and his address. So far, everything looks real and legitimate. After a few “bonding” conversations and discussions about your salary and when you can start work, he instructs you to work with his “travel agent” or “legal representative” to arrange your visa and airplane ticket.

The travel agent, or “legal representative,” however, asks you to pay for some or all of your ticket. They say, “don't worry about the expense you have to pay right now—I will pay you back when you arrive at the airport. I just want to make sure that you really want to work for me.”

You are happy that you have found a good job, but STOP! Once you pay them for the ticket or the visa, you will never hear from this person again.

In real situations, Canadian families may hire a legal representative or an agency to help them arrange all the necessary paperwork for you to become a live-in caregiver or nanny. However, real Canadian employers NEVER ask you to pay them, because it is not in accordance with Canadian law. staff members are always here to protect you from illegal employers and scams. If you have any questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to Contact us


Examples of Scam Letters:
Remember that the names, ages, and identifying details of these scams are constantly changing, so pay close attention to the structure of these typical scam emails, rather than the specific details. Remember, if it sounds too good to be true, it usually is!


We are a America family, we just moved to England, UK 2 months back.have two kids aged 2yrs and

4yrs old respectively!we are looking for a AU PAIR/NANNY//CHEF/HOUSE KEEPER from Any

Country willing to stay with us for a minimum of 2-3years


We are a professional couple, my wife is a banker, while i work as sales executive for a a

multinational oil company.My kids are easy going and relaxed, they would enjoy someone with lots

of energy and enthusiasm. Having English as a first language is not required.

We live in a great area with lots of nice parks, shops and restaurants – and there are loads of families

with young children nearby with pairs /nannies so it will be easy to meet people.


AU PAIR/NANNY: £2500 Monthly (weekly allowance £120)
DRIVER: £3300 Monthly (weekly allowance £120)
CHEF: £2, 800 Monthly (weekly allowance £120)
HOUSE SITTER: £2, 750 Monthly (weekly allowance £120)


You shall have a big room, huge, and has a double bed, with sitting area and TV/DVD/Video/Hifi.

There is also a wireless broadband internet in the house!!Do well to send us your references or

resume, and we would get in touch with them.We shall discuss travel arrangements in due course of

which I would be of generous assistance to you.

If you are interested you can write

email address :

We sincerely look forward to hear from you.
Best Wishes,

Mr. Steven Dacillo


Dear Nanny,

I am Arshavin Oleg from Moscow, Russia and work as an Engineer at Total Nigeria. My wife and kids recently joined me in Nigeria; she now has a job and can't stay with the kids at home. I'm seriously seeking for the services of a qualified nanny.

I have reviewed your resume online and would like to know if you would be able to come and work as a nanny for my wife. I want to know if you can come by first week of May 2010 to start work.

I am willing to offer you US$4,500 per month with health insurance. I have a twin duplex at the staff quarters and we only occupy one of them at the moment so you would be staying in the second Duplex if you accept this offer. I will pay for a round trip ticket for you if you accept the offer.

Arshavin Oleg



Hello Aupair,

Am Mr. Gabson Frank and a have a daughter Jane. I'm an accountant with a
construction company here in the United Kingdom. I am down to earth,
blunt and take things the way they come. I am a very friendly person
and easy to get along with. You will have no problem in adapting to
our lifestyle here. I will be needing your services due to the absence
of my wife who is late and absence of my last aupair that as traveled
for her wedding. I want you to know that you'll never have any cause
to regret taking up this job.

Jane is seven years old, she has a warm and friendly attitude. She
likes playing a lot and I do not think you will have any problem with
her so far she eats and plays well. She pays attention to all I do and
tries to mimic those acts she sees me perform in the kitchen, laundry
and other activities. She is very intelligent and love to be with good
friends, this is the more reason I will appreciate someone with good
qualities to be her aupair so that she doesn't take to bad influence.

Your job is not a hard one, I do not believe in supervising or
monitoring people to do their job. I believe people should be giving a
free role in whatever they do; I believe you should be able to perform
well without being told. All entails preparing Jane for school in the
morning before the coming of her school bus. You will have a free
period then whereby you can do any vocation or practice whatever is at
your disposal. Then you help monitor her after she brought home by the
school bus, just to make sure she is alright till my arrival from

You will be entitled with a total sum of 2,900 pounds every month
while you will also be given an entitlement of 250 pounds every week
for your miscellaneous expenses which you might need for yourself.
Your salary is subject to negotiations for an upward review upon your

A well furnished Master bed room will be made available for your
personal use soon as you get here. there will be your personal laptop
connected to the internet, TV and other necessary gadgets at your
disposal. There will be enough privacy for you; I guess you'll really
like it.

you are free to start as soon as possible, I will appreciate you
coming immediately but any date of your choice will also be welcome.

you have every weekend as your off day as I will not be going to work
during weekends except special overtime.

You will be free to study in any school of your choice if necessary as
i will be helping you as regards tuition fees. There are so many
colleges and Universities here that offer good and qualitative courses
here. Let me know if you are ready to take up this position and how

soon you can make it here. Do you have a valid visa and other
necessary to travel down here?

Waiting to hear from you.

Best Regard.


I hereby wish to inform you that i am in need of your service i love and like your profile. i saw that you added to my list so i decided to contact you from nanny service canada. I am from London United Kingdom and am 49years old having a son who is 1years and wife is not living with me again so i have to take my kid seeking for someone who can easily relocate to United Kingdom and help me with my kids .so please i need your service urgently by 4th week or first week of july of June please kindly inform me of your availability.Base on the payment i can afford to pay 1000pounds monthly and probably we could talk about others when you arrive but i don't think i can be able to mention the job description but all i could say is taking care of my son. give him good bath and food, take him to school and bring him back. Wash some dishes and cloths and make the house clean. cos i only need someone who will take my kid as hers and treat him very well and cook do other domestic work.Please i will like to know if you will be available by ending of next month Hope you have your working permit and Visa. i need your services for 3years if you do accept.
Please send me your resume and pictures so that i can be able to keep them and access your resume.You can email me back to